In traditional yoga, an ashram is a hermitage where a spiritual master lives together with disciples. Since the earliest days of civilization, ashrams have existed in the East as centers of study and spiritual practice under the guidance of a master.
In general, ashrams are located in natural, secluded environments, whether in forests or mountains. The epic Mahabharata describes Sri Krishna, during his youth, living in the ashram of his master Sandipani Muni, who imparted teachings and guidance upon him.  The Ramayana tells us that Lord Rama and his brothers studied from the sage Vashishtha in his ashram, and Sita lived the last part of her life in seclusion at the ashram of sage Valimiki.

The Avadhutashram (monastery) was founded by Prabhuji. It is the headquarters of the Prabhuji Mission and the hermitage of H.H. Avadhuta Bhaktivedanta Yogacarya Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja and his monastic disciples of the Ramakrishnananda Contemplative Monastic Order.

The ideals of the Avadhutashram are love and selfless service, based on the universal vision that God is in everything and everyone. Its mission is to distribute spiritual books and organize humanitarian projects such as the Prabhuji Food Distribution Program and the Prabhuji Toy Distribution Program.

The Avadhutashram is not commercial and operates without soliciting donations. Its activities are funded by Prabhuji’s Gifts, a non-profit company founded by Prabhuji, which sells esoteric items from different traditions that he himself has used for spiritual practices during his evolutionary process. Its mission is to preserve and disseminate traditional religious, mystical, and ancestral crafts.

Although the monastery does not accept new residents or volunteers, and no donations, collaborations, or sponsorships are solicited or encouraged, the public is cordially invited to participate in daily religious services and attend devotional festivals at the Shri Shri Radha-Shyamasundara Mandir temple.