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Experimenting with the Truth

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Experimenting with the Truth reflects the long path Prabhuji has walked throughout his life. In this compilation of answers to sincere seekers, he shares his wisdom and erudition with those who wish to delve deeper into topics such as enlightenment, meditation, devotion, concentration, and so on. Prabhuji does not address us as a master or guru, but as a friend and traveling companion. He does not teach but encourages us to undertake our own search. Instead of offering answers, he invites us to observe, inquire, investigate, and explore by ourselves. Emphatically criticizing organized religion, he presents pearls of wisdom revealed in the sacred scriptures, which expose the same Truth dressed in a diversity of ways in different cultures.

“Just as various colors form a beautiful painting, numerous spiritual paths create a wonderful harmony; and it is in this harmony where they all meet. If we hear musical notes without the rest of the symphony, we will not enjoy the melody. If we pay attention to a single color, we will be unable to appreciate the painting. But if we dare to observe the harmony expressed by all the individualities, we will perceive the Truth.”